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Roger and Gallet

Roger & Charles Gallet

In 1862, Armand Roger & Charles Gallet, heirs of a perfume distillery and apothecary know-how, invented the perfumed beauty ritual and opened the very first Boutique du Bonheur Boutique of Happiness in Paris, on Rue Saint-Honoré. They were to modernise the perfumery universe with shapes and volumes, with olfactive innovations and the creation of uplifting perfumes.

Product Types

The products Roger & Gallet are issued of an authentic savoir-faire of distillation of rare plants and essential oils. They are formulated based on rare natural essences, extracted for their quality, their fragrance, and their beneficial aromachologie properties. All of the French products are made from 95% natural ingredients.

The product types include:

  • Perfume
  • Bath
  • Body
  • Men’s

Products Available

The look and feel of the products are quintessentially French and reminiscent of vintage Parisian elegance, that we have come to expect from French perfume products. Explore their wide range of natural beauty products. Below are a few of the best-selling and most popular times. You can buy Roger & Gallet Perfumes Online in addition to their full bath, body, and men’s products.

Product Benefits

  • Beautiful Gift Sets
  • Iconic French brand for perfume and soaps
  • Fragrance unique to this brand only
  • Wide range of perfumed body and bath products

Roger & Gallet has established itself as one of the best (and oldest) French makers of natural beauty products that are great for both men and women! Shop Roger & Gallet at Pearl Chemist Group online or in-store to feel and smell absolutely beautiful!

More about Loreal Roger and Gallet

True to this philosophy, Roger & Gallet today offers fragrant beauty rituals and wellbeing, created with distilled precious essences. A pure moment of perfumed happiness.

Roger & Gallet has invented hundreds of elegantly designed and presented cosmetic products that are beautifully fragrant including soaps, facial skincare, make-up products for the face, hair treatments, treatments to protect the lips, and many others.

95% Natural Ingredients
Nature is at the heart of each product, with up to 95% of ingredients of natural origin, many without parabens, silicones, dyes, or mineral oils. All products contain 100% distilled precious essences with beneficial properties proven by time and science. And, all the bottles of the Fragrant Wellbeing Waters are made with 25% recycled glass, proving that this brand is dedicated to creating natural products and creating a sustainable line of products.
All precious body lotions, oils, creams, and balms from Roger & Gallet combine efficiency and pleasure with an incredibly soft finish.
Through innovative and luxurious products, Roger & Gallet has created a unique and exceptional universe of scents, treatments, and fragrances. Today, the brand still draws its inspiration from this heritage.
If you haven’t tried this line of beauty luxurious products yet, you can get started today and buy Roger & Gallet Perfumes Online in the UK at Pearl Chemist Group.