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covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test

We offer the Covid-19
Rapid Antigen Test

If you’re looking for private Covid Screening in the UK with options on testing and a variable price range then visit your local Pearl Chemist Group pharmacy in London including branches located at Merton, Tooting, Earlsfield, Banstead, and Streatham for the Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test.

Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test
Antigen Test

The Antigen Test, also called the Lateral Flow Test,

is a viral swab test which is conducted using a long cotton bud. The cotton bud is inserted deep into the nose where samples from the nasopharyngeal area are taken. The samples that are extracted during the Antigen Swab Test will then be applied to a rapid method of analysis, which looks for special proteins, or antigens, that would be present in an infected person.

The Antigen Swab test is far better at detecting elevated levels of
antigens in a person infected with Covid.

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It is for this reason the Rapid Antigen Test is often recommended for those presenting with Covid-19 symptoms, due to the likelihood of a higher viral load. The Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test can give reliable positive results in these instances but because of the method of rapid analysis, can also give false-negative results to those with a lower viral load. However, the benefit of this Covid-19 Screening method is the quick return of results which can be obtained within 30 minutes as the test is carried out entirely in house without the need of lab transport or analysis.

Viral Fever
Antigen Swab Test

For privately conducted Rapid Antigen Swab Tests in London for detecting antigens in the presence of Covid-19, please get in touch with your local Pearl Chemist Group pharmacy including branches located in Wimbledon, Morden, Tolworth, Banstead and Wandsworth. Appointments for the Rapid Antigen Test are not required but are recommended for your safety. The price for the Antigen Swab Test is £99 and includes results signed by a licenced practitioner.

For more information on the Covid Screening we offer and to find a participating branch near you, please visit us online at

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