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Travelling itself is a wonderful experience and allows you to learn more things about the world. However, over the last few decades, the United Kingdom has witnesses a spike in travel-related illnesses.

As Public Health England had published in their report, the lethal disease of malaria is having an adverse effect on travellers. More than 1500 cases of this imported sickness have occurred each year between 2008 and 2017. The sufferers cover a diverse demographic including both genders, adults and children.

Many of these are absolutely preventable with the appropriate vaccination and immunisation. If you stay in Banstead or Sutton, our travel clinic is easily accessible.

Why choose us?

Travelling involves a lot of health risks as it exposes you to bacteria and viruses present in those exotic destinations. To protect yourself and prevent such infections, travel vaccinations are a must.

Pearl Chemist Group of pharmacies is a trusted name in South London. We have our flagship store situated in Mitcham. We also have over 18 branches across London including Wandsworth, Merton, Tooting, Earlsfield, Tolworth and Sutton, the Pearl Chemist Group help enthusiastic travellers enjoy their holidays without the stress of such avoidable diseases by providing the said preventive measures. Especially with kids, we make sure the ones aged less than a year have received the necessary doses against measles, MMR, chickenpox, polio, DTP and the yearly flu.

For the adults, we take extra precautions against possible attacks of Hepatitis B and rabies. Besides, you can rely on us to provide the necessary guidance for each stage of your trip in order to prevent any health hazard. You can book an appointment with us 6-8 weeks before the travelling date for a private consultation. We also accommodate requests from last minute travellers.

We are a proud group of reliable pharmacies who provide NHS and travel clinic services to residents of Banstead and Sutton.

For further information you can contact our Travel Clinic in Banstead or Travel Clinic in Sutton. Alternatively please contact a nearest PCG Pharmacy. You can find a list of our stores here.