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Pearl Chemist Group is a trusted name in South London. Our flagship store is located in Mitcham and we have a total of 18 clinics that offer a variety of services including NHS, travel clinic and vaccination services.

We’re open six days a week whilst our hours on Saturdays differ slightly. You can book your private consultation by phone keeping in mind we also accommodate urgent appointments for last minute travellers.

Why is visiting a travel clinic in Kingston upon Thames important?

The thought of receiving an injection before your departure is, arguably, unappealing but the fact is that preventative care is often the best kind, even when receiving injections! Travel vaccinations should be the most important part of your holiday or business trip preparation because NOT protecting yourself against preventative illness can create a bad situation.

Travel vaccinations when given on time (sometimes multiple shots) build immunity for a specific disease. This will prevent you from falling ill on your trip.

Get travel vaccinations and travel advice from our health experts.

At our travel clinic in Kingston upon Thames, we offer comprehensive health advice and travel vaccinations to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Our experts provide up to date information on travel vaccinations and travel health care at your convenience, serving a multitude of greater London regions. To know what type of vaccinations you will need for your trip, we recommend you consult with our doctors as soon as possible. Our common vaccines include Rabies and hard to source vaccines such as Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and Japanese Encephalitis.

For more information of travel vaccinations and travel health services, you can visit one of our conveniently located clinics or call us at 020 4758 1067.