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Monthly Archives: October 2020

  1. COVID-19: Time to Quit Smoking

    COVID-19: Time to Quit Smoking

    The global Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how being in the best physical shape possible will make it easier to fight off Covid-19 should you contract the illness.  The message from the NHS is to lose weight, get fit and quit smokingSmoking has been highlighted as an area of particular concern because of the way Covid can attack the lungs and impair breathing; patients with pre-existing respiratory problems or who are smokers are far more vulnerable to serious health complications than those who don’t smoke.  Pearl Chemist Group offer a range of services to help those who want to stop smoking – we have Stop Smoking Services in Mitcham and a free stop smoking clinic in Streatham.

    What can our stop smoking services offer to those who want to quit smoking?

    We offer help and support provided by expert advisors who can suggest a range of proven and safe methods to help you stop smo

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  2. What Does Good Sexual Health Look Like?

    What Does Good Sexual Health Look Like?

    Good sexual health is all about being aware and getting tested. Getting tested for STDs – Sexually Transmitted Diseases – isn’t about shame or stigma and embarrassment, it is about proactively staying safe and looking after your sexual health as part of a range of measures you can take to care for yourself in the same way as you look after other aspects of your health. For testing and more information about sexual health, visit our sexual health services in Wandsworth.

    Good sexual health relies on several things:

    • Understand the facts about sexual health – don’t rely on myths or rumours. Safe sexual experiences are based on a concrete understanding of where the risks lie.
    • Always use condoms to protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancy, buy condoms from reputable sources and learn how to both store and use them correctly
    • Have regular testing. This is about looking a
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