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Emergency Medicines Service

  1. How to manage your medicines during an emergency?

    How to manage your medicines during an emergency?

    There are times when medicines are required in an emergency and the usual prescriber might not be the best available route or it may not be possible for them to prescribe in those circumstances.  Did you know that your pharmacist provides an emergency medicines service?  Subject to certain conditions, Pearl Chemist Group can offer emergency medicine, find out more about this service and the circumstances in which we can prescribe.

    Emergency medicines service
    If you run out of medicines and are in an emergency situation, we will be able to help you and prescribe emergency medicine when there is no-one else available to do it.  There are certain conditions which surround the emergency medicines service:-

    • we normally need to see the patient face to face
    • you must have been prescribed the medicine before
    • our pharmacist must agree that
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  2. How Does Emergency Contraception Work?

    How Does Emergency Contraception Work?

    Emergency contraception is contraception which is implemented after sexual intercourse has taken place where there is either a risk or a certainty that contraception has failed or the sex was totally unprotected and no contraception was used at all. If you are looking for a emergency contraception service, then contact Pearl Chemist Group for morning after pills which really work.

    How Does Emergency Contraception Work?

    Emergency contraception is sometimes called the morning after pill and morning after pills work in a similar way to the method in which birth control pills workThe pills work by stopping or delaying the female ovary from releasing an egg.  It might also stop the sperm from reaching an egg that has already been released.  However, if the sperm has already fertilised the egg, it is too late and the pill

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