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Monthly Archives: January 2022

  1. 5 Must Have Check Ups for Every Man

    5 Must Have Check Ups for Every Man

    Are you the type of guy that only goes to the GP when something actually feels wrong?  This is probably not the best way to go.  Taking a more preventative approach to your health and participating in more health screenings will help you catch health conditions before they get out of hand.  Preventative screenings are much better than treating something that has gotten so bad you feel symptoms of an illness.  By getting health screenings, you’ll contribute to a longer healthier life with more vitality  At Pearl Chemist Group in Morden, we believe strongly that prevention is better than cure.

    Men, stop at our private clinic where we offer numerous health checks for you.  Here are what we consider the top 5 health check ups for men.

    Cholesterol screenings for heart issues - Cholesterol can be a silent killer.  With just a simple blood test, we c

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  2. When Is It Time To Worry About Your Child’s Sore Throat?

    When Is It Time To Worry About Your Child’s Sore Throat?

    Sore throats are usually nothing to worry about. They are often part and parcel to a cold, and can be caused by any number of things from an open window at night to a virus.

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  3. Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine

    Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine

    The Flu is not fun to experience.  You can experience all sorts of symptoms that may even be similar to COVID symptoms.  You should have the flu vaccine to decrease the chances of any severe symptoms.  The seasonal flu vaccine is available at Pearl Chemist Group vaccine clinic in Earlsfield.

    What is the flu?
    The flu is a respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus that infects the throat, nose and can sometimes infect the lungs.  Often, it is a mild illness, but it can sometimes be severe and even lead to death. The best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu vaccine which is released each year.

    What is the flu vaccine?
    The flu vaccine is usually available each year from about September or October.  This season (2021-2022) there are three different types of inactivated flu vaccine that are offered in the UK, as well as the nasal

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  4. Stomach Pain:  When Should You Worry About Stomach Pain?

    Stomach Pain: When Should You Worry About Stomach Pain?

    While stomach pain can be quite uncomfortable, it is usually nothing to be alarmed by. You could be having stomach pain for any number of reasons, from stress to something you ate.

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  5. Why is it Important to be Tested for Chlamydia?

    Why is it Important to be Tested for Chlamydia?

    STI testing is an important part of positive sexual health.  Whilst positive sexual health encompasses a number of points of health including good communication, freedom from coercion and abuse, and the ability to assert boundaries, STI testing is an important part of maintaining your sexual health.  Having or passing on STI's can result in destroying trust in your relationships as well as causing unnecessary health issues in yourself and others.  Some STI’s may not have immediate or obvious symptoms, so regular STI testing is something you absolutely need to engage in, especially if you are sexually active.  Chlamydia is one of the most prevalent STI’s in the UK and is often undetectable.  Pearl chemist group has sexual health services in Wandsworth

    What is Chlamydia?
    Chlamydia is a very common bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis.  C. trachomatis is found in the

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  6. What Causes Sore Muscles and How to Treat Them?

    What Causes Sore Muscles and How to Treat Them?

    You can experience muscle soreness for many reasons. No matter the reason, it can prevent normal range of movement and can prevent you from engaging in your regular activities.

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  7. How to quit smoking

    How to quit smoking

    Whether you have smoked for months or years, smoking is a harmful, addictive habit that is difficult to quit. Although many smokers may wish to stop, willpower alone is usually not enough to make the change. Smoking can take years off of your life and is the number one cause of preventable illness and premature death in England.

    It’s time to quit smoking and take control of your health. Stop smoking services are available in Mitcham to get you on your way. You’re not alone in the fight to break your addiction, and finding the right products and help to quit smoking are the first step in achieving your goal.

    Tips to quit smoking
    Most smokers say they want to quit, but fail to get help and don’t succeed. Start the conversation with your doctor or pharmacist for tips and professional advice about how to give up smoking. They will be able to suggest a number of popular quit smoking products, prescriptions and support groups which can incre

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  8. Flu vaccination - What you need to know

    Flu vaccination – What you need to know

    Highly contagious and responsible for countless illnesses and some deaths every year, the flu is a viral infection you want to avoid. Also known as Influenza, the flu causes fever, headache, body aches, fatigue and more, and can even prove fatal for those at risk of complications.

    Flu vaccination is your best defence against the virus and worth the trip to your doctor’s office or local pharmacy in Earsfield. Combining vaccination with hand washing and avoiding exposure to other sick people will help you safely navigate the flu season each year.

    Who is at risk of complications from the flu?
    For some people, the flu may be a temporary, although unpleasant, inconvenience that resolves within a week. If you’ve already contracted the flu, your doctor or pharmacist can advise of flu or influenza treatments that may ease your symptoms.

    For others in

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  9. Five Strategies for Healthy Weight Management

    Five Strategies for Healthy Weight Management

    Weight management is an important part of enjoying a long, active life full of vitality.  You do not have to be overweight or underweight in order to make a conscious effort to manage your weight, nutrition, and exercise.  Weight management is a larger part of managing your overall health and will lead to you making good decisions pertaining to your overall health.  By taking a managed approach to weight management, you will also be considering and taking care of  multiple aspects of your health - including your mental health.  If you think you are ready to get some support for weight management, Pearl Chemist Group has weight loss management services and adult weight management services available in the UK for your support.

    Whether you seek support from us or a group of friends, it is important that you have some good information to get started.  Here are five tips for healthy weight management:

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    • Types of Headaches You Should Be Aware Of

      Types of Headaches You Should Be Aware Of

      Headaches can be more than just a pain in the head. Usually, it is a minor inconvenience and can be relieved with some good old rest or if not, some pain relief or sinus relief tablets.

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