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Monthly Archives: November 2022

  1. Cold Cough & Flu

    How to Prevent Cold and Cough in The Winter?

    Winter time is often referred to as flu season because cases of the common cold virus increase dramatically during this time. We’ve all caught that miserable cough or cold during this winter that makes you crawl into bed and wait for better days.

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  2. weight loss management

    The Importance of Exercise and Its Role in Weight Loss Management

    Being overweight is uncomfortable and it can also cause damage to your health. Obesity can increase your risk of serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

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  3. baby care products

    The Top 10 Baby Care Tips You Need to Know

    With an overwhelming amount of information out there about baby care, it can be hard for parents to know which baby care tips to follow. Knowing how best to accommodate your new daughter or son is key to an easier transition.

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  4. joint pain medicine

    Joint Pain in Old Age: What You Need to Know

    There are many reasons for joint pain. Whether you're young or old, at some point, your joints ache due to the activities you put your body through. However, aching joints usually become a constant problem when you age.

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  5. Health check

    What Are the Benefits of Participating in A Health Check Programme?

    When it comes to being healthy, prevention is always better than cure. Health Checks provided by Pearl Chemist Group are here to help you be proactive in detecting any health risks you may have early on.

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  6. Travel Clinic

    How to Find the Right Travel Clinic for You?

    Whether travelling abroad for the first time or as a jet-setter, visiting a travel clinic before your trip lowers your risk of contracting disease abroad. Travelling is fun and exciting, but things may go awry quickly when you catch a nasty bug from countries with contagious diseases or strange bugs.

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  7. migraine pain relief tablets

    The Fastest Way to Relieve a Migraine

    When your head is pounding from a migraine headache, you just want the throbbing to stop as soon as possible. Anyone who's experienced the excruciating pain of a migraine attack knows how difficult it can be to concentrate, work, or even drive a car while your head is pounding.

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  8. Stop Smoking treatment

    Why Smoking is the Number One Public Enemy?

    The World Health Organization declares smoking as one of the world's biggest public health enemies. So it is not surprising that its effects are debilitating and cause many serious diseases. However, if you or someone you know smokes, it's never too late.

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  9. back pain relief tablets

    What Are the Best Ways to Treat Back Pain?

    Did you strain your back at work lifting a heavy box or when exercising? Back pain is a common occurrence and can happen at any time for people of all ages. Unfortunately, as we age, we are more prone to back pain due to wear and tear on the spine and back muscles over the years.

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  10. health supplements online

    What are the Best Health Supplements for Different Ages?

    Vitamins and minerals from natural sources like food and beverages are insufficient to keep your body healthy. These supplements help support growth and development, boost the immune system, support the healing of muscles and bones, and much more.

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