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Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. The Only PCR Test Guide You’ll Ever Need

    The Only PCR Test Guide You’ll Ever Need

    In today’s day and age, you are likely familiar with what a PCR test is by now and that it is needed in order to confirm an active Covid diagnosis. Often, it will come after a positive LFT test or after being confirmed as a close contact of a positive case and then coming down with symptoms yourself.  You may also be required to have a PCR Covid test to receive a fit to fly certificate in order to be permitted to board a plane for travel or be permitted entry into your destination country.  Pearl Chemist Group offers both diagnostic and fit to fly certificate PCR tests in the UK.

    What is a PCR test?
    A PCR test is a Polymerase Chain Reaction test.  It looks for copies of the virus’ DNA and is the gold standard for Covid screening. PCR tests are currently the best way and most used way to detect active Covid infections.

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  2. Fungal Skin Infections:  How to Treat Them?

    Fungal Skin Infections: How to Treat Them?

    Fungal skin infections are notoriously difficult to treat. It’s possible that you may not recognise some fungal skin infections to start.

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  3. How Does Stoptober Help People Stop Smoking?

    How Does Stoptober Help People Stop Smoking?

    Stoptober is an annual month-long awareness that challenges smokers to stop smoking for the month of October. Stoptober began ten years ago in 2012 and has seen 2.3 million people make quitting attempts over the course of the campaign. If you would like to be one of the thousands to join the Stoptober quitting smoking surge, Pearl Chemist Group can help you. Our stop smoking services in Mitcham can align you with this unique and proven stop smoking campaign and get you set off on your way to quitting smoking.

    Benefits of Quitting Smoking:
    Quitting smoking is the single most beneficial action you can take to improve your health. It will:

    • Reduce your risk of premature death by as much as 10 years
    • Reduce or reverse adverse health
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  4. COVID-19 PCR Testing and Cycle Thresholds

    COVID-19 PCR Testing and Cycle Thresholds

    There is a rumour going around Instagram and other social media sites that The World Health Organisation has confirmed that the PCR test is flawed and all tests with a high cycle threshold (Ct) are invalid. This is untrue and Pearl Chemist Group is here to clear up the confusion once and for all, helping with understanding some of these COVID-19 terms.

    What are cycle thresholds?
    Here is how a PCR test is processed;  the viral genetic material on the swab is purified, stabilised and concentrated.  If there IS indeed material of interest in the sample, it is copied over and over by heating and cooling the material in the presence of various substances.  This process, each time it is performed, is known as a thermal cycle.

    The genetic material is then amplified, which is called fluorescence. This process varies by lab, but essentially, a substance is added to each

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  5. Hair Loss:  Myths vs. Facts

    Hair Loss: Myths vs. Facts

    Hair loss can be scary, embarrassing and a challenge to treat. Hair loss can affect anyone, no matter your gender.

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  6. An Overview of this Season’s Flu Shot

    An Overview of this Season’s Flu Shot

    Every season we all see adverts urging us to get the flu shot. We know it’s important and it helps keep us healthy but do we really understand why we need a new shot every year, and how the shots are decided upon?  Let’s talk about some facts and myths about the flu shot, and set out some information about this seasons’ flu shot for you.  No matter your questions, Pearl Chemist Group offers flu vaccinations at our vaccination clinic in Earlsfield.

    The flu vaccine is a vaccine that contains an inactivated form of the flu virus that provides protection against the flu before outbreaks of the flu have started. It is available from late September or early October onwards through the Spring each year, taking up to two weeks for you to be fully protected against the flu after vaccination.

    In 2021-2022 there

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  7. Repeat Prescriptions Online: Why We Need it?

    Repeat Prescriptions Online: Why We Need it?

    These days it is more important than ever to take important functions of your life online. With times the way they are, due to the pandemic and frequent closures, lack of staff due to illness and supply disruptions, it is best to be as well placed as possible when it comes to your necessary medications.

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  8. The Importance of Sexual Health Awareness and Empowerment

    The Importance of Sexual Health Awareness and Empowerment

    Sexual Health involves quite a bit more than checking to see whether you are free from STI’s (sexually transmitted infections).  Whilst being clean and free from Sexually Transmitted Infections is indeed a part of Sexual Health awareness, there are numerous components to it that must also be considered and addressed when you think of your sexual health.  Pearl Chemist Group has wonderful, discreet and compassionate sexual health services in Wandsworth that will address all of your sexual health concerns in a professional and caring way.

    What is sexual health?
    Sexual health encompasses the ability to enjoy safe, happy sexually intimate experiences without any party suffering emotional or physical harm or coercion. Good sexual health means you should feel good about your sexual experiences and not live in regret. This applies to all sexualities and genders. It also involves the practice of safe sex for the prevention o

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  9. Tips for Joint Pain Relief

    Tips for Joint Pain Relief

    Joint pain can be one of the worst kinds of pain to deal with. It can come in the form of stiffness, achiness, swelling, and throbbing pain amongst others.

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  10. What Are the Five Concepts of Weight Management?

    What Are the Five Concepts of Weight Management?

    Weight management is an important part of staying healthy and can be a challenge no matter your size or shape, genetics, or age. It is one part of a strategy to live a longer, healthier life that is full of vitality. Being overweight, even just a little can cause chronic illness,  lead to inflammation and can cut our lives short.  With all the science and health information these days, there is no reason we cannot increase health and vitality.  If you are looking for adult weight management services or weight loss management in the UK, Pearl Chemist Group has compassionate, supportive programmes all over the UK.

    Here are five easy concepts for you to get used to concerning weight management.  If you start with these, you’ll be well on your way to increase health and vitality!

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