What Steps Should You Follow for Healthy and Gorgeous Hair

To achieve a head of healthy and gorgeous hair, your hair requires some tender loving care. But it doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive, or complex. Keep it simple, start with a simple 3-step haircare routine that is easy and realistic to maintain – consistency is key!

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3 Simple Haircare Steps for Healthy and Gorgeous Hair

It’s important to establish a haircare routine that you can follow daily – and the key to that is a simple routine. Getting bogged down with too many (unnecessary) haircare products can be time-consuming and cause you to skip steps when you’re in a hurry which can affect the health of your hair.

To give your hair the TLC it needs to be shiny and healthy, follow these steps:

1. Shampoo Your Hair Less Frequently

The natural oils in our hair hydrate the hair follicles to promote growth and make the hair healthy and shiny. But, when you wash your hair daily using harsh shampoos with lots of chemicals, you are stripping away these important natural oils, leaving it dry and lifeless. Instead, stick to shampooing your hair twice a week or every other day.

And when it comes to choosing a shampoo, buy a gentle shampoo like Andalou Argan Oil and Shea Moisture Rich Shampoo (340ML) or Andalou Lavender and Biotin Full Volume Shampoo (340ML) that contain natural or organic ingredients to give your hair the hydration and nutrients it needs.

2. The Secret to Using Conditioner Correctly

For those with long, dry, or curly hair – conditioner is a lifesaver. It detangles the hair, hydrates it, and prevents frizzy hair. The secret to getting the most out of conditioner lies in how you apply it. Applying conditioner to your scalp can cause your hair to look oily and limp faster. So, just apply the conditioner to the mid-lengths and tips of your hair.

Like shampoo or any other haircare products, steer clear of haircare products that contain harsh chemicals. Look for haircare products like Andalou Argan Oil and Shea Moisture Rich Conditioner (340ML) or Andalou Lavender & Biotin Full Volume Conditioner (340ML) that only use natural ingredients, are paraben-free, and pH balanced.

3. Don’t Fry Your Hair with Styling Devices

If you use variety of hot styling devices such as a hair drier, curling iron, or hair straightener to get model worthy hair – putting the settings on low and priming your hair with a heat protectant can protect your hair and prevent damage.

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