Which Vitamin Is Good for Hair

Did you know that eating a well-balanced diet that contains plenty of essential vitamins can help give you thick, shiny, and healthy hair? Certain vitamins, such as vitamin B12 can provide more benefits than others. Consuming enough vitamin B12 through diet or by taking health supplements can give you healthy hair. There are even several popular brand-name hair care products like Tres-Semme, Pura D'Or, Modesa, and Kaleidescope that contain vitamin B12 as a core ingredient to help prevent hair breakage. This article provides information on how vitamin B12 promotes strong, healthy hair.

FAQs About Vitamin B12 and Haircare

When it comes to vitamins and haircare, Vitamin B12 is not the only one you need to know about. Several other B vitamins work in conjunction with B12 to help maintain healthy, strong, and shiny hair. In fact, each of the B vitamins that are part of vitamin B complex are important for healthy hair growth and retention.

These include:

B1 (thiamine). 
B2 (riboflavin). 
B3 (niacin).
B5 (pantothenic acid).
B6 (pyridoxine). 
B7 (biotin). 
B9 (folate). 
B12 (cobalamin). 

How Does Vitamin B12 Help Your Hair?

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in new hair growth and overall hair health. Let’s take a look at how B12 vitamins work in the body and how they can be beneficial as part of your haircare routine.

Red blood cell creation

Vitamin B12 helps the body produce the red blood cells it needs to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Oxygen distribution

Healthy red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body, including the hair follicles. Hair follicles need this oxygen to promote hair growth. Without enough vitamin B12 in one’s daily diet, hair follicles can’t receive the nutrients they need to grow thick and healthy hair.

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