Which Iron Supplement Is Best For Anaemia

For those suffering from iron deficiency(anaemia) and who need an iron supplement to boost iron levels, choosing the right iron vitamin supplement is very important. The most popular treatment for anaemia is ferrous sulphate because it is absorbed quickly by the body. While ferrous sulphate tablets are typically the go-to treatment, other iron health supplements from high-quality brands such as Solgar, can also be taken to boost iron levels when taken daily.

To make it a bit easier for you to choose which iron supplement to select, here is a list of the top contenders!


Best Iron Supplement for Anaemia: Ferrous Sulphate Tablets

Ferrous sulphate is a type of iron that is used to treat iron deficiency anaemia (a lack of red blood cells caused by having too little iron in the body). People normally get iron from the foods they eat, but if your iron levels are low, supplements such as Ferrous Sulphate Tab 200MG 60 can help.

Best Vegan Iron Supplement: Solgar Earth Source Koji Iron Tablets

“Koji” is the Japanese term for fermented rice. As Koji ferments, it becomes rich in iron and is then harvested and processed into powdered koji iron which is very effective at boosting iron levels in the body. Solgar Earth Source Koji Iron 30 Veg. caps are ideal for supporting women’s health (especially during menstruation when women lose alot of blood). Another benefit of these supplements is that they are slow-release supplements that are easily absorbed by the body.

Best Vegetarian Iron Supplement: Solgar Gentle Iron Vegetable Capsules

When you add Solgar Gentle Iron 20MG 90 Veg. caps to your daily routine, your iron levels with improve quickly. Solgar Gentle Iron (20MG) 180 Veg. caps can help promote energy utilisation, improve iron levels, and form new red blood cells.

Best Liquid Iron Supplement: Spatone Liquid Iron

Spatone Iron 28 Day supplements are small sachets filled with iron-rich water from themountains of Snowdonia, Wales. Simply drink and go to boost energy levels and the immune system.

Best Liquid Iron Supplement with Vitamin D: VitabioticsFeroglobin Plus Liquid

Support your overall health with Vitabiotics Feroglobin Plus Liquid 200ML. This advanced formula iron supplement also contains vitamin D and Siberian Ginseng to increase iron levels and reduce fatigue.

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